Lee Stafford hair care product review

After not being able to post for the past month due to being so busy with uni, thought I would share with you so new hair care products that I brought by Lee Stafford. First saw an article about his products about a year ago and thought there’s no way, there is any product out there that can really make you hair grow, so never looked any further into it. Then a few weeks ago my grandma called saying that my aunty had recommend her to use this product and that I should give it a try.

Due to me having extremely long curly hair I’ve spent nearly everyday since grade 4/5 straightening it. Which after a few years caused my hair to become really short and in bad condition. So ever since then having being trying lots of different shampoo,conditioners even keratin treatments ranging from extremely cheap to extremely expensive  to try to fix my hair but none of them have every worked.


Here is a pic of what my hair looked like before I started straightening it. I’m the one on the right if you can’t tell


Here is a pic of what my hair looked like after a few years of straightening


Here’s what my hair looks like in the present day after 11 years of straightening it almost every day due to hating having curly hair. Do have natural dark brown hair, but decided over christmas to do a balayage which at the time look really good but after a month hated it and wished I’d never done it. So now trying to dye my hair back to it;s natural colour.


So after also speaking to my aunty about the Lee Stafford  products and hearing how much better condition her hair was in and also reading reviews on the internet saying that for 90% of people their hair was in much better condition  from using it and had even grown after a few months of use. I decided to give it a try, so searched on the internet and found out the only place that stock it in my area was PriceLine pharmacy. Can also be brought a bit cheaper of eBay but didn’t want to wait so went down to the store and brought it.

They do recommend to only buy the treatment but seeing as my hair was in such bad condition and it couldn’t possible get any worse I figured I tried a variety of their products. SO brought their hair growth shampoo and condition, treatment , argon oil serum for blow drying, their argon oil heat spray for  straightening and their argon oil hair spray to finish off.


Not sure if  it will work for everybody but after a month of use it has worked well for me. I have not really seen my hair grow at this stage but I have seen an improvement in the quality of my hair. Check back in a few months and I will give you an update on how the products have worked for me and how my hair looks.


  1. Nicola says

    Really interesting blog/article. My hair is also very curly and I straighten it on most days I to have tried many products in the past at present I am using ‘V05 Smoothly does it’ Straightening Lotion. This is very good for my hair, it takes a few times of trying to get the right amount you need for your hair too much and it will make your hair greasy, not enough and it will not work, but once you know how much your hair requires, I have found this to be the best product and will last for a couple of days.

    After reading your advice I will now try the Lee Stafford range. I must just point out I live in the UK so the heat is no where near like the heat you have in Australia and I find the humid weather will make my hair even more frizzy and harder to control. I am off to Oz next week and will bring along my V05 product and really put it to test in your hot climate.

    Thank you for sharing this article and letting making me aware of the products available.

    Nicola :-)

    • alliechynna says

      Thanks for comment, never heard of the V05 Smoothly does it, will have a look for it next time I go to the shop.

  2. says

    I’m so sorry about your hair troubles! I used to have pretty curly hair as well and straightened it all the time. I also lost a lot of weight in my early twenties and ever since then, my hair has never been the same. I have a lot less of it now.
    Since having my son, my hair has changed again and it’s more straight now, but very dry. I understand how frustrating it can be! I’m glad you’re finding something that works for your hair. A vitamin I would recommend as well is Omega 3 Fish Oil and Biotin. Both are for the healthy growth of skin, nails, and hair.

    I hope you see some progress with your hair and thank you for visiting my blog! <3


    • alliechynna says

      Have also notice with my hair since I’ve had the keratin treatments that when I straighten my hair it doesn’t seem to frizz out as much even in hot weather. Also notice my hair can be quite dry too. Took fish when I was younger for other things and my hair was always in good condition so might try it again. Never heard of Biotin will definitely have a look for it next time I go to the shops.

      Thanks and thanks for visiting my blog to :)

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